True Refuge

Inspired by a podcast I listened to this morning by Tara Brach, I entered into Barnes and Noble with the intent of purchasing her book, True Refuge. While walking through the “New Age” section of the store, I noticed a man (we will call him Bob) reading a book on Reiki.

I could sense he was very perplexed by what he was reading. As I walked behind Bob, he put the book back down on the shelf shaking his head. Standing next to him, without fear or doubt asked “Are you interested in Reiki?” Bob began to explain that he was thinking about taking a class, but wasn’t sure. I then let him know that I was a Reiki Master. Bob’s eyes lit up, he began to stand taller, and for 30 minutes we conversed. At the end of the conversation, he was full of excitement about the class and looked forward to learning more!

We live in a programmed world of separation, of living in ideas that our lives are more important than others. We are in such a hurry to full fill our wants and desires that we lose sight of living in the here and now. But if we pause, and allow grace and compassion to flow through, we can be a guiding flame for someone who is unsure which step to take next. This is how we change the world and this is true refuge.


Dance of Love

“My heart dances to the song that is your voice. Singing the words of truth in a compassionate, forgiving tone. 

My heart dances to the song that is your smile. to the fire of the infectious beam. 

My heart dances to the song that is your soul. Delivering the essence of totality. 

My heart dances to the song that is your mind. With the pure, presence of thought. 

My heart dances to the song that is heart. The beat of unity, wholeness. 

Together, we are ONE!”

Finding Comfort in the Struggle

Day 3 and 4 have brought on extreme mood swings.  My energy was so very high, but what was going on in my head was not so high.  There were thoughts of “Why are you doing this?”  “This is so stupid.”  “It’s ok just a little bit of this piece of cake, bread, sandwich won’t hurt you.”  My mood became very uneasy.  A war has taken place in my body.  The organisms that are being asked to pass, are not going down without a fight.   Mind you, I work in a kitchen for as my full time job.  There is temptation EVERY where. 

Yesterday, day 4, left me wore out and exhausted.  It was a very hectic day in the kitchen, and to have to stop every hour to drink was such a challenge.  For anyone that has ever worked in food service, you know on a busy day, you work 10 hours straight and you are lucky you get a bathroom break, mind  you a lunch break.  I left work exhausted and defeated.  I came home to take a nap, but the nap became rest, my body and mind was RE-SET to a higher vibration.

As, driving to work this morning feeling brighter and energized, I meditated on my experience with Amma, the hugging saint, humanitarian from India.  Going to see this woman I had heard so much about, I was very skeptical.  How could a person who goes around the world hugging people be so life changing?  As I sat in the conference all, and saw her enter the room I got it.  Her aura speaks.  As my time approached to be hugged, I was unaware how miraculous it would be.  In a brief 30 seconds, she rocks you from side to side, says a mantra in your ear, kisses you cheek, and that’s it.  There were no thoughts in my mind, just utter peace, and compassion.  Amma goes around the world doing this, sometimes for days until people get her hugs.  Her hugs awaken that divine love in others, to be comfort those who are suffering.

So thinking of Amma led me back to the intention, the purpose for this cleanse.  I pushed my ego aside, and the thoughts that were not mine; I am doing this as much for me, as well as everyone reading, anyone who eats the food I serve, who attends yoga classes, who interacts with me in life.  I am doing this so I can be the best, most effective servant to the universe, and to help others to ROAR.  I am doing this for you, because you are me and I am you.  

Which brings me to a mantra…..SO HUM, HUM SA……..meaning I am that, that I am.  It has brought much ease in the suffering of these past few days.  There is no separation.  As we help ourselves, we help others.

Why not give it a try, sitting comfortably with a tall spine, either on a chair or on the floor, close your eyes, and notice your breath for a few moments, letting all thoughts melt away and start the mantra meditation……inhale the word SO, exhale HUM, inhale HUM, exhale SA, inhale HUM, exhale SA, inhale SO, exhale HUM.  Doing this for as long as you like, at least 5 minutes to begin.  If any thoughts do arise, just give them wings and float away to be reestablished back in the universe.   

May this have served you to ROAR and to the realization that ALL IS SELF. 

Day 2

Perhaps I should explain what I am using to clean the body.  A few weeks ago, I was given, what now has been my pre-cleanse, by my personal trainer, Karim.  It consisted of 1 gallon of green juice (celery, cucumber, spinach and lemon) 3 green smoothies (avocado, cucumber, spinach, lime and sea salt) and 1 gallon of alkaline water.  I stuck with this for 14 days, but found myself falling back to old eating habits. I decided to have a go at it, one more time, but this time for 30 days.  The day after I decided this and went to Karim for a session when he told me that he was speaking to a friend of his, a microbiologist, and the 2 of them came up with a new cleanse, that was to help with cravings and bring the system back to balance.

It now consists of 32 ounces of green juice, 3 green smoothies, 1 1/2 gallons of alkaline water mixture containing ormus greens and chlorophyl, and salts (sodium bicarbonate, L-arganite and a 4 salt mixture).  What are ormus greens, you ask?  They are greens that are grown on volcanic soil.  The soil contains silver, gold, and other trace minerals that increase the energy vibration and frequency of the body.  Ormus is way better than drinking a cup of coffee!  There is no crashing, just continuous energy.

This came up on my way into work this morning, our body is the vehicle for the soul.  It’s the way we are transported, like a car. When we own a car, we must maintain it.  The oil must be changed every 3 months, the filters changed, tires  rotated.  If we don’t do this than problems will start to arise, perhaps even a large part to the cars function with go down, transmission, axel, battery.  The car is connected with tubes and wires, same as the human body.  Bones and blood vessels are tubes, nervous system wires and the organs that allow for the function of the body.  This too must be maintained, the same thing happens if not, just like that of a car.  Things get clogged, organs fail, the filters become clouded.   What happens inside, only gets externalized.  The cleaning and  maintenance of the body is so crucial as we restore to our awakened realness.

What are you waiting for?

Day 1

Today started the 30 day cleanse.   Adding the salts into the mix has been wild!  You know when you mix baking soda and vinegar together, it bubbles and fizzes.  That’s exactly what is happening in the body the alkaline properties of the salt/mixed with the acidic body, creates a fizz you can feel and gently pulls out the organisms using the body as host and cleaning it.

This morning, I became a bit nauseas after taking the dose of juice and salt. It went away in a few minutes, but that was my sign, the body is going to begin to purge.  It’s not surprise that the body has more energy than it has in 1 1/2 weeks, the mind clear, alert and focussed.  Cleansing makes for frequent bathroom breaks and this day, water was coming out both ends.  Organisms are passing for sure.  Feeling cleaner already.

Finally! (part II)

The same year, a special friend introduced me to a website  I listened into the radio shows from Sevan Bomaer. At first, I really didn’t under(inner)stand what was being said, but it made me question more. The questioning, allowed the shell to crack more and more and more, until it hatched completely and I stood in the light squinting.

In 2013, I was led to become a yoga instructor, through Yoga District.  Gaining many more teachers and gaining more tools.  It was the time where, I began to use my voice and showing me my life’s purpose, in yoga terms my dharma. Lately, I have been having friends and family members ask, “how do I meditate?”  “what is a good yoga practice for beginners?”  “how do I eat healthy?”  I intend to use this platform to educate those that, physically, I  cannot be there to help, through videos, recipes, guided meditations and give back that which has been given to me.

So as I continue on this path, I invite you along to R.O.A.R.

Finally! (part I)

Welcome Every ONE!

After many, many months of talking about starting a blog, it has finally manifested itself!  Thank you so much for taking the time to be involved in this new expansion.  I am writing with the intention of giving back to others what was given to me.

A little background on how I got to this point:

I like to describe my past as being birthed, but not alive.  I see it as I being in an egg shell waiting to be hatched.  For over 25 years, I was kicked around, going with the motions of what people wanted for me, collecting dust and a firmer shell. I was living a life of self destruction. I was in a place where I knew I was not to belong, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to get out or how I got in it for that matter.  It wasn’t until 2009, when I physically moved away from the life, that the egg cracked, just a bit, to see that there was more outside of this shell.

I moved to a new city, a place where I knew one person, and had a chance of starting over.  Upon moving, I began practicing yoga again.  I practiced for a few years before as a form of exercise, but this time it was that which cracked the shell.  I came across a teacher, Daysha Hampton, that taught me the inner workings of yoga; awakening my being to meditation, pranayama and the eight fold path.

In 2012, I had the pleasure of coming in contact with a woman, Susan Koehler, an energy intuitive, as  I developed a neck injury and physical therapy was not working.  From our single, one hour session, she helped open a very blocked heart and allowed me to see more light!  Upon leaving her office, I really started questioning my true being.

 After doing some research on how to get certified in Reiki, I found myself in a Reiki I class hosted by Laura O’Neele with one of my best friends. Reiki opened my life up even more, removing layers and layers of things I thought  I would never have to deal with again.  Reiki II brought up even more emotions and Reiki III more than the time before.   It took almost every emotion to see the meaning of those past experiences and gave me hope for the future.  The deeper and deeper I dug, the more my present life became brighter and more alive. My yoga asana practice deepened, my life began to fall in place, there was meaning and purpose again.